Printed Circuit Boards

One-sided circuit boards

Double-sided with metalized holes

Smallest hole diameter: 0,3 mm
Selective chemical tin – RoHs
Shiny galvanic tin
Connector guilding: 2,5-3 um Au

Photo stop-varnish mask
Element labels – signature
Peelable Solder Mask

Basic materials – laminates:
FR-4, FR-2, CEM-1…
Laminate thickness: 0,3-2,4 mm
Copper foil thickness: 17,5-105 um

Input data

Gerbers (RS-274X) i NC drill

PCB files of all program formats

…or existing documentation

Graphic services:

Production of films on a photo plotter of complete panelized formats

Production of working diazo films

Design service

Production of stencils on stainless steel 0.1 or 0.12 mm

Electric components installation service

Certificate ISO 9001:2015